MOD update on mobilisation of reservists

7th April 2020

The MOD has confirmed the principals that will determine the mobilisation of reservists to support the military response to Covid-19.

It will be used to fill specific gaps by carefully selecting the right reservists available. As and when those reservists are selected, they should inform their employers and ensure there are no compelling reasons why they cannot be released, before confirming their availability for mobilisation.

There will be no mobilisation of mobilising reservists employed in medical, welfare or other key worker roles, or those key to a role that is not included in the definition of key worker, and where the role is key to the nation’s response.

Any use of compulsory mobilisation will remain limited and driven solely by operational necessity. Employers will still have the ability to appeal against any mobilisation of your employee and this process will be fully explained in the call-out notice, which reservists and their employers receive at the start of process.

Employers of mobilised reservists will be able to claim financial compensation, and details of how to do this will be set out in employers’ call-out notices, including the arrangements for furloughed employees.

If you have any queries about how mobilisation might affect your business, please contact the team at the Highland Reserve Forces & Cadets Association on [email protected]

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