New model & branding for DiscoverYou

22nd September 2020

After a careful review of the services offered, DiscoverYou are pleased to announce the development of a brand-new personality model and fresh branding to reflect this decisive step forward in the aspirations and plans of the business.

The new model, Personality World draws on all the experience gained from previous models Managing Director David Weir is certified to use. The workshops and programmes built around Personality World are accompanied by materials which are professionally designed, attractively presented and easy-to-use. Additionally, because the style of previous models has often tended to cater largely to a North American audience, Personality World has been developed specifically with a UK audience in mind. As well as making the content of programmes more relevant to this target audience, the materials are more readily accessible and overall costs are reduced.

Speaking about the restructure David said: “Several of the programmes offered by DiscoverYou have already been updated to reflect this change, with the others to follow suit in the coming months. The DiscoverYou website will also be given a makeover to include all the new features of the services offered.

The flexibility that Personality World offers paves the way for multiple business and client opportunities to be developed and for the high-quality services provided to be enhanced and expanded.

The goal of DiscoverYou is to make a difference in the world by helping people appreciate their core personality, enabling them on the basis of their strongest traits to achieve their highest personal and professional potential.”

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