New online ‘magazine’ highlights the best of OnFife’s latest work

20th August 2021

Welcome to OnReview, the online magazine that showcases the highlights of OnFife’s recent activities.

The new review provides a platform to show the best - and breadth - of the cultural charity’s work as it emerges from the pandemic.

“Previously much of our fantastic work was recorded in our annual report but by the time this is published it can often be a year or more since these activities have taken place, which isn’t ideal. Our new ezine allows us to can share in a way that it is much more current and accessible,” said Michelle Sweeney, Director of Creative Development.

“The pandemic has inevitably created a before and after and we’ve embraced this as an opportunity to shake things up and look at new ways of showcasing all of the amazing things we deliver to our communities.”

For the launch, the charity is also unveiling a new piece of collaborative work that involved team members across the organisation – a video that shows the range of OnFife’s work, and the activities it is now bringing back as restrictions continue to be lifted.

OnReview highlights OnFife’s impact around its four main objectives – Creating Inspiring Experiences, Nurturing Our Communities, Seeking Adventure and Valuing & Supporting Our People. It also highlights funding it has secured and how this is being used. OnReview can be found here and can also be linked to through the main OnFife website. website.

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