Pioneering treatment from Linden Tree Dental Lounge

21st June 2019

Linden Tree Dental Lounge are one of only three Scottish providers that are pioneering a unique non- invasive device called Cerezen, that effectively treats conditions such as jaw pain [clenching / grinding], TMD [temporomandibular disorder] a condition involving pain in the muscles and/or joints that control jaw movement, tension headaches. The discreet device is custom made to fit each individual’s ears. The preliminary assessment is done in their surgery to check if the patient is a suitable candidate for the treatment. The next stage is to arrange for an audiologist to take the impressions of the ears. The Cerezen device is then fitted at the surgery around 2 weeks later. They review at 2, 4 and 6 monthly intervals.

Speaking about the treatment Linden Tree’s Treatment Co-ordinator Margaret Hogg said “This clever alternative to splints, physiotherapy, medication and surgery is proving very successful.”

The Dental Lounge have also introduced an advanced clear aligner system called Invisalign, engineered to treat a wide range of teeth straightening issues. Patients can wear these comfortable, practically invisible aligners without anyone noticing. The process is quite straight forward, firstly contact the surgery to arrange a free 30- minute consultation with Calum, who will assess whether you are suitable for this treatment, if so the next stage would be to return for x-rays, photos and impressions, at this stage the dental team can then either arrange for a 3D ClinCheck treatment plan, to let patients see how the teeth would move throughout the procedure or they can go straight to having the aligners constructed.

Patients receive a series of custom-made aligners to wear every day and change at home - on average every 1-2weeks, Calum will then review on average every 6-8 weeks to check that the teeth are moving as expected.

For more information on either of these treatments call the surgery on 01383 221777.

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