Positivity paves the way to an electric future for fleets

16th December 2021

Positivity towards electric vehicles (EVs) is at an all-time high among operational fleets, according to the latest Operational Fleet Insight Report from the AA and Rivus Fleet Solutions. The research involving more than 500 fleet managers found that 82% feel the quality of EVs on offer has improved since last year and 84% believe the range from manufacturers has improved.

The positivity around EVs has also extended to the long-term cost benefits, with almost two thirds (65%) believing that EVs have better whole life costs than diesel or petrol. 66% of fleet managers recognise that EVs require less servicing, and 59% have identified that EVs hold their resale value and have less downtime. Now there’s much greater awareness, 67% of fleet operators expect to be using EVs within the next five years, compared to over a quarter (26%) using currently.

Although fleet managers are starting to look more positively at the broader range of benefits, there are still barriers when it comes to the practical elements of EV adoption. A third (32%) have identified the lack of charging points across the country and the workplace as the top barriers.

The Operational Fleet Insight report also reviewed the impact of COVID-19 over the past 18 months. While the pandemic has had a mixed effect on businesses, 41% of fleet managers have reported a positive impact on their environmental and sustainability strategies.

Gavin Franks, director of business services at the AA, commented: “The aim throughout our research has been to analyse the views of operational fleets, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing them and create a roadmap from which we can deliver sustainable industry growth and product evolution. This report, our fifth in the series, gives us an important snapshot of the impact of the pandemic on the industry, as well as tracking the evolution of the transition to EVs and other impacts on the sector.

“Interestingly, it’s positive to see that there is a much greater awareness among fleets about the benefits of EVs, despite the concern over lack of charging points across the country and at work being the main barriers to take-up. With charging infrastructure improving on an almost daily basis, as investment in charging points is paying off, we expect fleets will see a change quicker than they anticipate and the pace of adoption will pick up further.”

The Operational Fleet Insight Report 2021, jointly commissioned by the AA and Rivus Fleet Solutions through research and strategy consultancy Yonder, can be downloaded here:

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