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23rd September 2019

Many members have visited Amazon’s fulfilment centre in Dunfermline at chamber events, but did you know that Dunfermline beat Barcelona, Rome and London to become the most visited Amazon fulfilment centre in Europe during August and the second most popular in the world. Tourists from around the world visiting the Edinburgh Festival added Amazon’s fulfilment centre tour in Dunfermline to their holiday must-do wish list.

Amazon welcomed more than 1,500 visitors on its free public tours last month and had to add more dates due to popular demand. People from as far afield as Malaysia, the US and even New Zealand had a behind the scenes look at what happens when they click ‘buy’ on the Amazon website.

This year the Amazon centre in Dunfermline has not only attracted guests from all over the world but a huge variety of special interest groups ranging from MENSA, chambers of commerce, through to Scouts and Brownie organisations. Families, members of the Armed Forces, students of all ages including a university group from Paris, SMEs and entrepreneurs and even a local actor and piper have all visited to see how Amazon stores, picks and packs products that are shipped from Dunfermline to customers around the world.

Customers who have been on a tour said;

“The tour today was absolutely brilliant and very informative and really showed a different view to Amazon and I would love to do the tour again as you just can't take it all in in one visit. Our tour guides were absolutely wonderful today.”

“Great visit - a really super tour. Highly efficient, relaxed and friendly centre.”

“It was an amazing tour. Learned lots! Well done to all that work at Amazon - great job! Found the safety information and commitment to staff inspiring.”

The Dunfermline fulfilment centre is one of eight sites in the UK to offer public tours. The tours are free and open to anyone over the age of six years old. Each tour lasts about one hour and you can book a tour at

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