Prepare for the Digital Development Grant

5th August 2022

Can you afford not to read this?

Fail to Prepare, then Prepare to Fail

Last week, Inspire Digital encouraged Fife Chamber members to prepare for the Digital Development Grant, also known as Digital Boost, via e-shot.

The team then fielded a number of questions that we felt should be shared for general information and reassurance.

The core message remains: Preparation is key, consider and cost what you need to do to improve your digital maturity – be it hardware, software, website, telephony, skills, cyber security, etc.

If you require consultancy support to help with this then Inspire is offering this for no charge.

Here’s a quick overview of the key questions that Inspire have received:

  1. When does the grant re-open?

    We cannot say for sure when the grant reopens but we are certain that there is still money left to claim (less than half of the allocated £100m has been paid out so far) so we will see the scheme re-opening at some point.

  2. What can I claim for?

    The grant has been created to boost 3 key factors: digital capability, digital capacity, and digital skills. If you can provide information in your application how any of these three categories apply, then you can claim for it.
    Some items that Inspire has helped claim for: New websites, CRM software, technological consultancy, iPads, VOIP Phone Handsets, Accounting software, and much more.

  3. How much money could I get?

    Non-VAT: Spend between £2.5k to £5k of your own money, the Grant will match with their £2.5k to £5k
    VAT: Spend between £2.5k to £20k of your own money, the Grant will match with their £2.5k to £20k

  4. How does Inspire fit into this?

    Inspire is a Digital Agency specialising in web, search visibility, and design. More than that though they see themselves as Strategic Partners to their clients. Given that they are at the centre of the Digital World, they have a great grasp on their clients’ digital maturity and have many relationships with other digital providers. After using the grant to bring forward their own business growth plans, they’ve supported 70+ businesses, irrespective of what they applied for at no charge. They believe firmly in supporting support your clients’ growth – all steps towards digital improvements are a win-win.

The applications are long, questions somewhat nebulous and tricky, as well as very time-sensitive. Inspire has managed to significantly cut down the time writing an application since they have experience in supporting so many applications when it comes to the content and phrasing of them.

If you have any further questions or would like to book a meeting with Inspire to discuss your options:

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