Reduced emissions mean working from home is the new normal for Zero Waste Scotland

21st May 2021

Zero Waste Scotland introduces a new working model based on the majority of staff staying away from the office.

The organisation said changes made because of the Covid-19 pandemic had accelerated a review of working practices already being carried out internally.

The internal study found that more than two thirds of its own carbon emissions came from staff travelling to work. Like most businesses it has used software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to enable remote working.

In an address to staff, Chief Executive Iain Gulland said he would “urge” them to work from home permanently.

Gulland said the organisation had to capitalise on the environmental gains made during the pandemic and said it would “go faster and harder” in terms of delivering on its own responsibilities.

He told workers: “We take our own performance very seriously and our net zero plan launched earlier this year sets out our commitment to go faster and harder at reducing our footprint.

“Clearly the onus is on Zero Waste Scotland to show leadership by embracing the best of the environmental benefits which have become apparent. This will be truly authentic – one of the four values we hold dear.”

He added: “I am making an offer to colleagues who wish to make working from home a permanent fixture – you can do this – in fact, I urge you to do this if you can. This is, I believe, aligned to our environmental ambitions and further demonstrates our leadership and pioneering spirit which will show others the path to follow.”

Zero Waste Scotland said initial feedback had shown overwhelming support for the move from among the organisation’s 165 staff.

Workers will be offered help with furniture and expenses, as well as advice on insurance and changes in their tax liabilities.

The organisation said it accepted that the change might not be feasible for some staff and that alternative work places would continue to be made available.

Gulland also pledged to maintain some face to face interactions across the organisation.

Zero Waste Scotland has an HQ in Stirling as well as keeping office space for staff in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Tech multinational Fujitsu said it would halve office space in its native Japan by encouraging staff to work from home permanently. Social media giant Twitter has made a similar move, saying it would only reopen offices very gradually.

Zero Waste Scotland leads a national carbon reduction effort by encouraging organisations and individuals to maximise the life of products while minimising waste.

A spokesman said: “Zero Waste Scotland’s staff have always been proud to stand up for our values and we want to set an example by capitalising on the environmental benefits which have been realised as a bi-product of lockdown.

“We continue to have an ongoing dialogue with our colleagues to find the most efficient and effective ways of making this change for the better on a permanent basis.”

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