Reminder to Fife businesses - TV Licensing Laws have changed!

21st December 2016

Fife Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with TV Licensing Scotland to encourage businesses in the area to prepare for the New Year by ensuring they are correctly licensed.

Following a law change in September 2016, business premises must be covered by a TV Licence if employees watch or download programmes using BBC iPlayer. This is in addition to the existing law which states a licence will still be needed for staff to watch or record live TV on equipment supplied by the business. Without a valid licence, businesses are breaking the law, and run the risk of a court prosecution and fine of up to £1,000.

TV Licensing spokesperson Fergus Reid said: "We’re reaching out to employers in the Fife region to ensure they go into 2017 fully prepared. The start of a new year is often a good time for business owners to go through all internal housekeeping and make sure everything is in order.

“Our enquiry officers do visit unlicensed addresses throughout the year, which extends to business premises, so it’s important that business owners are aware of the requirements. We’re hoping anyone who wasn’t already aware of the recent change in law or who hasn’t yet had a chance to get a licence in place will take this opportunity to do so.”

Alan Mitchell, Chief Executive at Fife Chamber of Commerce, added: “We’re pleased to have teamed up with TV Licensing to get this important message out there to businesses. Many business owners and managers are unaware of the need for a TV Licence on their premises, so it’s vital to get that information to them so they don’t run the risk of a fine or possible prosecution.

“It’s especially important given the recent law change. Some businesses might not necessarily have a television, but will have some kind of computer or mobile devices which employees use to access BBC iPlayer. So they could unintentionally be breaking the law.”

Business owners or office managers who would like more information about TV Licensing requirements, or ways to spread the cost, can call the TV Licensing businesses team on 0300 790 6131 or visit

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