Saris IT share why more security is needed now we are working from home

17th November 2020

A global pandemic has resulted in a seismic shift in how people work, with working from home now more common place than ever before. We all hope for an end to this pandemic, but working from home may not die in the way we hope the virus will.

Scott Melvin, Director of Saris Group said: "As a Fife based IT business the initial stages of the pandemic saw our customers wanting to keep working and that meant working from home. Not for one second are we trying to say we predicted this need, just that when we plan IT infrastructure, flexibility is key in our thoughts. As a consequence more and more our Fife (and beyond) customer where able to keep working."

With this growing need businesses are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, attackers have begun to adapt their tactics to compromise accounts to gain access to all types of services from e-mail to accounting software. Although complex passwords are an effective means of preventing a password being guessed or cracked, users continue to use the same passwords across multiple accounts. Therefore if one password is compromised, inevitably the rest are also compromised. With computing power being cheap and easily accessible, security providers are pushing 2-factor authentication (2FA).

This implementation may be seen as an inconvenience to users, but the potential for data loss is severe enough that it is worth spending the time to implement 2FA before it is too late. Alex Weinert at Microsoft claims that when MFA is enabled, it generally blocks 99.9% of automated attacks against users’ Microsoft (Office) accounts.

For more in depth details on this please click this link or contact Scott and his team on 01592 770751.

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