SCC Comment on the Prime Minister's Speech on Brexit

17th January 2017

Commenting on today’s speech by the Prime Minister on the UK Government’s approach to the UK’s exit from the EU, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“The Prime Minister has set out her starting point for negotiations to achieve the UK’s exit from the European Union. This helps to define the context of the discussions with the EU which will take place over the next two years but ultimately, we still cannot know what the outcomes of those negotiations will be.

“Businesses that we speak to recognise this and are rightly focused on the day to day challenges of running their businesses rather than the political machinations of Brexit. They know that there are a number of possible scenarios for what the UK’s future relationship with the EU might look like and are preparing for these eventualities.

“The UK’s future relationship with the EU is important to us and it is clear from our members that they value a free trading relationship with the EU, without tariff and non-tariff barriers.

“in addition, future migration to Scotland must be sufficient to meet the particular economic and skills needs of Scottish businesses, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the right of existing staff to remain and work here.

“However, Brexit must not dominate the political debate to the exclusion of all else. Businesses need the UK and Scottish Governments to focus on their job of ensuring that our domestic economy is strong and healthy and conducive to the growth of business, whatever our future relationship with the EU might be.”

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