SCC signs deal to promote trade between Scotland and Pakistan

29th September 2022

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) has signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), opening up opportunities for Scottish businesses to access the country’s growing middle class and its affinity for UK expertise, products and brands.

The agreement was signed in front of a delegation from Pakistan and witnessed by a number of Scottish businesses.

The delegation held a lively discussion around the prominent sectors within Pakistan including technology, manufacturing and textiles, including the footballs which will be used at the upcoming World Cup.

The B2B-focused mission, which builds on gains from a succession of meetings between the two organisations, is expected to deliver substantial trade agreements for participating Scottish businesses.

Pakistan is a culturally and socially diverse country with mystical beauty. Its landscape is unique and varied with high altitude mountain ranges in the North, deserts and plains to the East and an array of spectacular beaches off the Arabian sea. The country boasts a spiritual heritage epitomised by its mosques, shrines, temples, churches, gurudwaras and mandirs that it’s preserved over time and it’s keen to establish itself as a tourism hotspot and is keen to understand how Scotland has positioned itself so favourably as a top global destination.

In contrast, the agricultural sector in Pakistan is facing challenges. Climate change, an increase in the country’s population, lack of financing options and the high cost of production highlights why businesses are keen to tap into Scotland’s expertise when it comes to the use of new technologies, support tools and services, applying in depth and data collected regularly with real-time processing to provide information on getting the most from the land.

The 8-point MoU was signed by Dr Liz Cameron CBE, SCC’s Chief Executive and Director and Suleman Chawla, FPCCI Senior Vice President. The signing took place on Monday 26th September, attended by around 20 Pakistani officials and business leaders, including UK influencers.

The delegation will create a 4 part plan to take full advantage of the opportunities to boost trade and business between Scotland and Pakistan.

Dr Liz Cameron CBE, Chief Executive and Director of Scottish Chambers of Commerce said:

“The signing of this MOU gives us a real opportunity to enable more businesses to connect and increase their international footprint providing a world of opportunities in a variety of sectors with technology and skills as the cross-cutting themes throughout.

“Our relationship should grow from strength to strength as the Chamber Network will help improve inter-personal relations and allow us to connect businesses to develop real and meaningful openings for exporting, importing, collaboration and globalisation.”

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