SCC: A Time of Challenge and Great Opportunity

9th June 2017

Now that the result of the General Election is known, Scottish Chambers of Commerce has urged the UK and Scottish Governments to get back to business, placing the economy, skills and exporting at the heart of the national agenda for the next five years.

Business Priorities:

  1. On Brexit: secure a deal on the rights of EU nationals to live and work in the UK.
  2. On Migration: secure a migration policy which meets the skills needs of our business sectors
  3. On Industrial Strategy: A clear plan fully aligned across the UK
  4. On Business Costs: A commitment to no new up-front business taxes for the duration of the Parliament

Commenting on the General Election result, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

"Voters across the UK have spoken and no single political party has emerged as the overall winner. As the politicians enter a period of negotiation, business will look for a stable Government to be formed swiftly that will provide confidence to the business community and ready to start negotiations on Brexit.

“With the clock ticking on Brexit, the next UK Government’s key short term priority must be to secure a deal on the rights of EU nationals to live and work in the UK. These workers are essential to Scotland’s businesses and an early deal would go a long way to ensuring stability of the talents they need to succeed and grow. I will also be looking to open up a dialogue with the UK Government on its medium to long term plans for migration, which need to be designed to meet the skills needs of our business sectors and the needs of the various nations and regions within the UK.

“Businesses also need the reassurance that they will not be faced with new and unplanned tax burdens, and that the Government will press ahead with its plans for an Industrial Strategy, which must crucially take full account of the role and powers of the Scottish Government and other devolved administrations.

“The next Parliamentary term will be crucial to the fortunes of our businesses, as the Government and the EU hammer out a deal that will define our trading relationships with Europe and, ultimately, the wider world. This is happening at a time when Scotland must increasingly look outwards and to grow our exporting potential in order to secure the growth that our businesses and our economy needs; creating new, high skilled, high value jobs and real shared prosperity. These are challenging times but also times of great opportunity, and we will work with our Governments in Edinburgh and in London to secure future success.”

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