SCDI Comment On EU Referendum Decision:

24th June 2016

SCDI Following the announcement of today’s (24 June 2016) outcome of the UK’s EU Referendum, SCDI have commented as follows:

“In line with our previously stated position on membership of the EU, SCDI and many of our members are disappointed that the overall outcome will mean that Scotland and the rest of the UK will leave the EU, however we respect the outcome of the Referendum vote.

“Regardless of any position on the Referendum result, it is essential that the Scottish and UK Governments, the Bank of England and international institutions implement their contingency plans and respond effectively to maintain stability. While many businesses also have plans, they will need the close engagement and support of government.

“As the focus turns to negotiations on the future relationship between Scotland and the UK and the EU, the Scottish and UK Governments should work closely with Scottish business and with civic Scotland. There is a need to develop an agreement which will support prosperity, maintain partnerships and progress common priorities across Europe.”

SCDI’s position in the debate followed extensive discussions with members in preparing our Blueprint ‘From Fragile to Agile and a specific survey open to our full membership.

As with any diverse membership, there are a range of perspectives of which SCDI is respectful. In this post-Referendum period, we will work hard to understand the implications for businesses and organisations in Scotland, while continuing to seek the views of our members and ensure that these continue to be communicated to both the Scottish and UK Governments.

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