Scotland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

27th October 2023

On the 26th of October, the Scotland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition was held at the SEC in Glasgow. Among the attendees was a team from EQ Chartered Accountants (specifically EQ Engineering & Manufacturing), led by Greg Stapley, Head of EQ Engineering & Manufacturing.

The conference attracted an expert crowd, with exhibitors from various sectors including; automation, robotics, engineering, electronics, and 3D printing. Many speakers and panellists provided valuable insights and discussions throughout the day.

Despite the recent challenges such as rising interest rates, increased utility costs, and general price inflation, there is a growing sense of confidence returning to the sector. The conference highlighted that numerous tools and advice are available for companies in Scotland through intermediaries like Scottish Enterprise and SMAS. Examples of successful projects undertaken with their help were also shared during the event.

The conference also showcased the evolution of new technologies, such as the use of optical spectroscopy technology for onsite detection of counterfeit whisky.

EQ Engineering & Manufacturing offers a wide range of services, including Amber Accounting, Audit and Reporting Corporate Finance Financial Planning and Taxation. For more information or to discuss how EQ can support your business, contact the EQ Engineering & Manufacturing team at [email protected] or one of their offices.

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