seescape’s Sensory Technology Roadshow rolling into Dunfermline

18th October 2019

Fife residents with a visual impairment can receive expert advice on how technology can enable them to lead independent lives at seescape's Sensory Technology Roadshow.

Held at Dunfermline’s King Malcolm Hotel next Wednesday (23 Oct) from 10am – 1pm, various technology providers will be demonstrating assistive technology solutions, enabling people to remain living independently at home.

Stand-alone desktop and video magnifiers, braille note takers and stand-alone braille displays with specialist devices for scanning and reading text, recognising colours and faces and products, are just some of the devices available to try.

The event is free to attend and representatives of the hard of hearing, deaf and complex needs organisations will also be showcasing technologies in these areas.

Carl Hodson, Chief Executive of seescape, said:

“This is the second year running our Sensory Technology Roadshows are popping up throughout Fife and they’re well received by the local community.

“Technology is always advancing and it is important people with a sensory impairment come along and discover how it can enhance their ability to live independently and remain and active member of the community.”

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