Site security enhancements continue at St Ninians

9th December 2021

Site security enhancements by owners, National Pride (St Ninians) Ltd, continue at the proposed Eco-Therapy Wellness and Leisure Park development at St Ninians and Loch Fitty, near Kelty in Fife.

Preparation works for the installation of security personnel cabins at the Thornton Wood forestry entrance will commence week beginning 13th of December 2021, together with strengthening of the northern site perimeter along the B914.

These aim to further deter anti-social behaviour by motor bikers trying to enter the site by this access point. The activity builds on ongoing site maintenance which includes pathway repairs, shrub trimming to allow easier access, and improved site safety, enhancing the natural beauty of the site.

The northern perimeter has seen many attempts by motor bikers trying to access the site who have been met by the security personnel and incidents of attempted unauthorised access have considerably reduced.

The site security teams are in place to prevent any person attempting to ride a motor bike across the site which still contains deep shafts from days when the site was used for coal extraction. Severe injury or death could result to persons ignoring the site security teams by trying to access the site by other entry points, all of which have now been identified and action is underway to close them.

Selective tree felling along the B914 from the old northern site entrance to the Thornton Wood forestry gate will provide a barrier to motor bikers attempting to circumvent the security teams. It is expected that the tree felling activity and enhanced site security measures will last for 10 days subject to weather conditions.

The whole site will ultimately be rejuvenated, including replanting of areas where trees are damaged by windstorm and disease. Any lost trees will be permanently replaced by species native to Scotland, not for commercial harvesting.

The owners stress that motor bikers have, over the years of unfettered access, caused considerable and irreplaceable damage to the Charles Jencks landform structures, known locally as the ‘walnut whips’, and created nuisance to neighbouring communities. The owners, security teams, local community safety officers and the Police have been identifying persons trying repeatedly to access the site and enforcement action is being taken against offenders.

National Pride welcome responsible visitors to access the site for recreation purposes and ask dog walkers to use the dog waste bins now present at strategic points within the site. A considerable effort by the site maintenance teams have cleared years of accumulated dog excrement to make the area safer and cleaner.

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