Social Good Connect: Why 300 charities use Dundee volunteering platform

1st June 2022

A Dundee-based platform that connects workers to volunteering opportunities is now helping 300 charities.

Social Good Connect was launched shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, when many workers were furloughed.

It was a way people could use the extra hours in a day to make a difference. But the popularity of the service is continuing to grow.

Two years on, Social Good Connect has signed up 50 businesses who pay a monthly fee for staff to access the matchmaking service. Workers list their skills, interests and preferred causes to support.

The number of charities highlighting volunteering opportunities has doubled in the past year.

‘Don’t stop the good work now’ plea

As more workers return to the office, founder Caroline McKenna is urging people to continue to give their time and skills to benefit their communities.

The chief executive said: “Please, let’s not let the good work stop.

“Just because we are navigating a post-Covid world or because businesses are busy reshaping and facing reshuffled priorities.

“Now, more than ever, we need businesses and their employees to carry on giving back to the communities they serve and, ideally, not just financially.

“The traditional concept of volunteering has moved on massively. There are so many ways for people to help, regardless of the time they can commit.

“We’re enjoying connecting these communities and making a genuine difference.”

Social Good Connect now has 10 employees and three interns.

Businesses supporting the venture include Scottish National Investment Bank, Insights, DC Thomson, Thorntons Law, NCR, Ooni and Ninja Kiwi.

Volunteering opportunities range from delivering food and befriending to assisting charities with finance, HR, marketing or social media.

Caroline adds: “Companies, large and small and in all sectors, are waking up to the fact their staff really gain from volunteering.

“They report a greater sense of purpose and morale boost amongst their employees.

“Similarly, charities are benefitting greatly during a time when their need has never been greater.”

Why do charities and firms use Social Good Connect?

Two organisations that have signed up to Social Good Connect are Dundee’s Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) and tech firm Zudu.

Gill Simpson, MSIP marketing and communications director, said: “We think doing something for the common good will motivate people and bring something other than work into their daily lives.”

James Buchan, managing director of Zudu, said: “People often worry about time constraints.

“But the benefits of employee volunteering will outweigh any concerns about having enough time to get involved.”

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