St Andrews Hotel Director receives Overseas Award

26th July 2019

Mr David Mann whose family own The Scores Hotel in St Andrews, Has been awarded the Overseas Citizen of the Year Award, commending him for the continuous generosity and support for local groups.

Mr Mann was born in Glasgow in the 1920’s where he began to pursue his studies at Stow College, for building. Once graduated, the Mann family immigrated to Canada to pursue bigger opportunities that could put his knowledge and skills to work. With continuous motivation and hard work, Mr Mann began buying properties and land to refurbish and sell on, this of course, was until he purchased a rundown hotel in Key West. This was a project for many years until it became a fully functioning 70 bedroom Marriot Country Yard Hotel which became a great success and motivated Mr Mann to buy The Scores Hotel and The Cartland Bridge in Lanark.

Despite Mr Mann’s relocation and success, he has remained loyal to his heritage and has put time and effort in to supporting the local communities. Keepers of the Green and Young Carers in Fife are two of the organisations who have benefitted from Mr Mann’s efforts by support and monetary contributions. The Scores Hotel has hosted a Christmas dinner annually for the less fortunate thanks to Mr Mann which was then developed in to a support for the Young Carers foundation.

The Best Western Scores Hotel, would like to thank and congratulate Mr Mann for this achievement. Without his generosity and compassion, there would be one less support to these commendable organisations.

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