Suicide Prevention Awareness Week 2022

15th July 2022

This year’s suicide prevention campaign will focus on the emotional impact related to the cost-of-living crisis.

The cost-of-living crisis is impacting on everyone regardless of job or income. We are all examining our outgoings and thinking about where we can make savings: For some, this might mean cutting back on activities that families enjoy, such as holidays, meals out, trips to the cinema or after school activities for children. For others, it might mean making difficult decisions such as taking on a second job or working overtime for additional income, which means spending less time with family; giving up a family pet due to increasing costs; or strict budgeting for basic outgoings such as food. For some it will mean facing fundamental choices in relation to food, such as reducing the number of meals each day or going without to allow children to eat; cutting down on using heating within the home; or in some cases, it might mean a choice between ‘heat or eat’ as it’s not possible to do both. Whatever the situation, the campaign aims to highlight the emotional impact of the decisions which individuals and families are facing: guilt, stress, frustration, shame, embarrassment or even crisis and despair.

Key campaign messages:

Don’t look at the overall situation as this might feel overwhelming or distressing and potentially leave you feeling hopeless

➢ #ControlTheControllables don’t focus on what you can’t control, focus on what you can do.

While it may feel like the squeeze on finances is never ending, through time, circumstances can and will change

➢ Break the situation down to individual areas and consider each in turn #OneThingAtATime

Don’t compare your situations with others, focus on making the decisions which are right for you and your family

➢ Ask for help and support: this will help you feel you are regaining control and taking action

The current cost-of-living crisis will not last forever. By supporting individuals to recognise and manage their emotions in the here and now, they will be more prepared to make the necessary decisions for their circumstances.

There will be a Campaign Pre-Launch Information Session on Tuesday 16th August, 10.00am11.00am. There is no requirement to register to attend this session, just click here on the morning to join.

The session will provide an opportunity to get a first look at this year’s campaign materials and hear about the many ways to get involved and support this year’s campaign, including:

➢ Social Media Toolkit: how to use the intended social media script on your own platforms

➢ Campaign Resource Pack: create a display to raise awareness of the campaign

➢ Campaign Website: access further information and practical resources

➢ Learning Opportunities: develop your own knowledge, skills and confidence

➢ Samaritan’s Information Stalls: taking place across Fife throughout the week

➢ Kingdom FM: listen out for promotion throughout the week

To request a Campaign Resource Pack, email: [email protected]

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