Supporting the energy industry for 180 years and counting

3rd April 2023

Jenny Butler and Mark Cooke explain how Ipswich-based Cory Brothers has been solving problems for energy firms over the best part of two centuries.

Cory Brothers, a global shipping agency based in Ipswich, has proudly served the energy industry since it was founded back in 1842.

With 18 offices in the UK and extensive coverage across mainland Europe, the USA and the Far East, the business is well-positioned to handle the safe and efficient transport of all energy cargo – from fuel to infrastructure – anywhere in the world.

“The Cory Brothers logo has continually adapted to reflect our historic entwinement with the energy sector,” says Jenny Butler, liner and projects director. “From coal to subtle solar panels.”

In 2022, Cory Brothers merged with Dutch shipping firm Vertom to form parent company VertomCory, further expanding its reach and capabilities for energy clients.

“Logistics has become a critical element in the renewables industry as correct planning and execution can be a crucial factor that leads to a successful project,” says Mark Cooke, group brand ambassador. “Cory Brothers, together with the VertomCory Group, offers a vast array of services from point of manufacturing to final site in order to achieve this success.”

These services include but are not limited to crew changes, stevedoring, ship-to-ship cargo transfer, bunkering, customs clearance, accommodation and travel, freight forwarding in all modes, warehousing and procurement.

It also provides dedicated contact personnel 24/7, ensuring clients have access to appropriate team members at all times. “When energy companies contact us, they’re looking for somebody who inherently has the knowledge about every element involved in putting a project together,” says Jenny.

“They need someone who understands the intricacies of the ports, the landside operations, the points of contact within the local area to arrange the offloading, the vehicles, the customs requirements, the duty and the deferment associated with it.

“We work with the stevedores, the vessel, the trucks, the coasters – everything you could possibly think of,” she adds. “When we come across challenges, headaches, operational constraints or tide restrictions, we take all of that on, we embrace it, we fix it, we deliver it.

“We take personal ownership of it because we want to see a good job done – and we want to exceed expectations when we’re
delivering it.”

Cory Brothers has supported numerous offshore wind projects in recent years, including London Array, Galloper, Scroby Sands, Dogger Bank, East Anglia ONE and Gunfleet Sands.

The largest project it has managed to date is the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm, located 14 miles off the Suffolk coast.

“All of the wind turbines and cells for Greater Gabbard were brought in from Denmark by a shipping line called BBC Chartering,” says Mark. “We had weekly calls with BBC over the course of two years and looked after their ships around the discharge and stevedoring.

“We then worked with a company called ALE, which is now Mammoet, to coordinate offloading from the ships and onto their special trailers.”

Cory Brothers typically provides a ship agency service for projects like this, along with consultancy, crew changes, freight forwarding and warehousing.

Since 2021, the company has looked after customs clearance for projects within the EU. It can also offer procurement services,
where required – helping to source supplies, food, fuel bunkers and anything else a client might need.

Despite its worldwide coverage, the business doesn’t outsource any of its services; every project is managed by Cory Brothers or VertomCory employees.

“We have a vastly experienced team in every area of the business – and there’s a fundamental enjoyment in what we do,” says Jenny. “I think that’s what sets us apart.”

The company also embraces its role in moving both the energy and logistics sectors
towards a sustainable future. “Coming up with environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, risk-averse solutions is a key part of our industry these days,” says Jenny. “We’ve been a part of it for almost two centuries, and we’ve adapted as it’s developed.

“We follow technological developments, not only for how energy is produced and delivered but also around shipping, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain.

“Mark and I have about 50 years’ experience in the energy sector between just the two of us,” she adds. “We’re invested as a business, and we’re invested as individuals.” “It’s not just a job,” concludes Mark. “It’s more than that.”

For more information on how Cory Brothers can support your energy project, please visit

Alternatively, get in touch with the team at [email protected] or 01394 674822.

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