The Ecology Centre and Dunnikier Park Golf Club lead the way in submitting Rising Stars nominations

28th September 2022

Time to celebrate the young people in Fife who are driving success and the people who are helping their talent to shine

In what is an important moment in Fife Chamber’s exciting Rising Stars campaign to celebrate and showcase the talented young people who are making their mark in Fife and creating a bright future for the Kingdom, The Ecology Centre and Dunnikier Park Golf Club are the first organisations to tell it about their star young workers.

The Chamber introduced Rising Stars last year. It is a campaign that will put the spotlight on talented young people from every walk of life in Fife: in businesses, social enterprises, charities, schools, and communities. The campaign has taken a big step forward this year with the introduction of an online portal that allows organisations across Fife to tell the Chamber who their young stars are.

Alan Mitchell, Chief Executive of Fife Chamber of Commerce, said: “We are delighted to have received our first nominations. There is an easy to complete online nomination form on the Rising Stars website so that everyone can follow the lead of the Ecology Centre and Dunnikier Park and let us know who their talented young workers are. If you tell us who they are, we’ll showcase them in the run up to the dinner, during it and after it as we expand the campaign. With ‘doom and gloom’ so prevalent in recent times it is more important than ever that we remind ourselves that we can have a bright future and life can be better, and Fife’s young people are already in the forefront of making that happen.

“There is also a separate portal that allows nominations for the Rising Stars Champion Award, which will be awarded to the person or organisation that has made the biggest contribution to supporting or helping young people in Fife to fulfil their potential. Although the focus of our campaign is Fife’s young people, we also want to recognise the selfless work that people do on their behalf. Even the most talented and fortunate of us still need a helping hand sometime. If there is someone in your company, or your street, or your son or daughter’s sports club that that you think is a worthy recipient of this Award, please tell us who they are. We cannot wait to hand out the trophy at our Rising Stars Dinner in November. It will be a very special moment for the recipient and a very proud one for Fife Chamber.

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