Tier 3 business support confirmed and more help for the self employed

24th November 2020

The Scottish Government has confirmed the financial support for businesses forced to close or impacted by protective measures against Covid. Fife is currently in Tier 3, which means that the majority of businesses are allowed to open, but with many restrictions in place on how they can trade.

  • Businesses that have been ordered to close can claim a grant of £2000 or £3000 for every four weeks they are closed
  • Businesses allowed to open but with restrictions can claim a grant of £1400 or £2100 for every four weeks they are restricted
  • Fife Council will administer the grants
  • The grants require an online application
  • Where restrictions are extended beyond a four-week period and Fife remains in the same level of restriction, the business does not have to re-apply, the grant will automatically be awarded for the next four week period
  • When restrictions end or reduce, any transitional or final payment will be adjusted to reflect the duration of the restrictions to the nearest week
  • Payments will be made no more than four weeks in arrears
  • Applications can be made up to 31 March 2021.

Additional help for businesses and the self-employed

At the same time it updated it’s guidance, the Scottish Government confirmed an additional £45m of support, of which £30 million will be given to local authorities to offer additional support where it deems it ‘necessary’ or ‘justified’ and £15m is being made available for the newly self-employed who have not been able to access support from elsewhere.

The extra money for the newly self-employed will address what has been a significant gap in the UK Government support programme, albeit that the money being provided by the Scottish Government is only a tiny fraction of what these entrepreneurs have missed out on thus far. Additional support in Fife is also available through the UK Government Furlough and the Self-Employed Income Support Schemes, both of which have been extended to 31st March 2021.

Click here for Tier 3 business grants information and applications

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