University of Dundee is offering one-day courses in business finance

15th July 2022

One-day courses in business finance skills from the University of Dundee

The University of Dundee School of Business is offering professionally accredited finance courses in association with The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

What are the courses?

All the courses are one day, in-person sessions, held at the University of Dundee library and delivered by University of Dundee Accounting Lecturers who also have extensive industry experience.

Budgeting – 14th September

This course will help you prepare budgets, learn how to make informed budgeting decisions, and effectively communicate financial information to key stakeholders. It's ideal for anyone who has, or will have, budgetary responsibilities.

Understanding profitability- 16th September

This course is aimed at business owners and managers who need to ensure that their goods and services are sold at the right price. It unpicks the selling price of a product or service ensuring that all costs are covered, and pricing strategies are appropriate.

Finance for non-finance Managers – 21st September

This course provides a basic grounding in key financial areas, as well as analysing financial performance. It's suitable for anybody who has financial responsibilities and needs to understand the content of financial statements and reports used in business.

Managing cash: keeping your business healthy – 23rd September

This course will improve your effectiveness at managing the inflow and outflow of cash. You will learn how to record receipts and payments, and correctly reconcile bank statements and the cash receipts book, helping protect the financial security of the business.

Who are these for?

These courses are designed for people who want a refresher, or some training in business finance skills. You may already work in a finance role or have worked in one previously and require some refresher knowledge. You may be moving into a role that requires you to have some more knowledge, or you may be starting / running your own business and want to develop some necessary skills.

There is no prior knowledge required and the courses are open to all.

How much do they cost?

Each course is £75 and this includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

For more information, to book, or to find out more about dates, please visit

You can also email questions to Paul Caulfield - [email protected].

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