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23rd May 2022

It's estimated that 90% of businesses that are entitled to R&D Tax Credits fail to claim because they are unaware that they qualify. A common reason for this is that businesses do not consider themselves to do any research and development. However, if your company is developing products, systems and processes, the likelihood is that you do qualify. R&D occurs everywhere from care homes, construction and hospitality to engineering, farming and digital development!

At ZLX, we empower businesses to realise their innovation potential by supporting clients with our innovative funding services.

ZLX specialises in providing highly experienced personnel in the fields of business, engineering and finance to work seamlessly as a team alongside our clients. We gather information and data sets which are then integrated into our expertly presented R&D reposts. These enable high end qualification to the HMRC scheme for our clients and we are proud to facilitate tax credit returns at a level greater than the national average. Dependant on the company's year0end, we may be able to claim for projects undertaken within two previous financial years.

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