UV-C disinfection technology from ENS Group

1st May 2020

Covid 19 has created a safety concern for both customers and employee that is unprecedented in recent history. A local company has found an innovative way to support retailers, groceries, restaurants, banks, hotels and many other businesses with high-touch technologies (i.e. tablets, self-checkout machines, other touch screens) who are seeking solutions to protect their customers and employees from virus and bacteria transmissions.

ENS Group, who acquired Tailwind Solutions in Dunfermline, have a portfolio of stands, mounts and related solutions for customer facing and back of house technology applications.

They have been developing innovative new ways to minimise spread of infections for businesses with their new UV Clean product. This provides a safe no touch, 24/7 automated cleaning technology which seamlessly works with touchscreens, tablets, keyboards and PIN Pad’s. It offers a low cost disinfection process that significantly reduces the risk of damage to technology.

The UV-C disinfection technology used by ENS has been used in hospitals for several years and has been clinically proven to remove viruses and bacteria with a nonvisible light which inactivates bacteria and viruses at a cellular level. In turn, preventing them from multiplying and causing any infection. With innovative motion sensing for safe deployment of UV-C light, they believe this solution is second to none saving companies billions of pounds on high touch technology.

With touchscreens in airports and elsewhere having a large amount of bacterial colony forming units, solutions need to be implemented to protect individuals from pathogens on these surfaces, including Coronoviruses, influenza and the whole range of harmful bacteria. Based on successful testing with other coronaviruses the UV Clean products are expected to be completely effective when tested on COVID-19.

For those worrying about health effects of UV C light the ENS UV Clean products, unlike many other UV C products available over the internet, have been tested and approved for use in hospital suites including ICUs and Neonatal units.

So why protect your staff and customers with UV Clean? Find out more at ens-co.com.

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