Vine Conference Centre show support for Woodmill High School

6th September 2019

Vine Conference Centre opened their doors to the first year pupils of Woodmill High School this week.

Talking about the how the offer of accommodating the pupils came about Tim Thomson Vine Conference Centre manager said: "I contacted the school and offered our venue to help them out. We hosted the free Quid-a-kid sports and Café Inc sessions for Woodmill High pupils on Wednesday 28 - Friday 30 August. While the teachers were here I took the opportunity to show them around our venue.

He went onto say: "We are really impressed with the incredible hard work, dedication, commitment and sacrifice of the leadership team at Woodmill and Fife Council who are working tirelessly round the clock on behalf of the pupils. The school leadership team thought our venue was perfect for all the S1 pupils."

We are now at the end of the first week and everything has been going great. The pupils and teachers have really settled well in our venue and they plan to be here until Christmas. We are incredibly honoured and grateful to be able to support these wonderful 1st year pupils."

The school twitter page also demonstrates how quickly the pupils are settling in well to their new surroundings and are showing some fantastic teamwork in their classes.

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