21st March 2024

‘World Storytelling Day’ 20th March,sees Fife-based whisky bottler The Single Cask announce new

members of the senior team and a partnership with a Genealogist to help tell the story of the brand.

In celebration of ‘World Storytelling Day’, Scottish Whisky bottler The Single Cask - home to a warehouse in

Glenrothes of over 3000 casks - is expanding its team with two senior hires; Jan Damen joins as General

Manager with Helen Stewart taking the role of Brand Marketing Manager to help tell the story of The Single

Cask and take the company to the next level.

The highly-experienced pair bring a combined background of 40 years in the single cask spirits industry

along with a wealth of whisky knowledge acquired through working together at The Scotch Malt Whisky


Family-focused The Single Cask value their drinking community and believe it’s important to know where

you’re from, just like their whisky; to further celebrate ‘World Storytelling Day’, the bottler has partnered

with a Scottish Genealogist to launch a social media competition showcasing The Family Series of unique

single cask whiskies.

Whisky lovers are encouraged to join The Single Cask Family Fan Club, with one lucky whisky lover winning

the chance to explore their own history and embrace the magic of family with certified Genealogist Lorna

Kinnaird of DunEdin Links Genealogy, who will delve into the fascinating story of a family tree.

Jan Damen has a rich background in hospitality and single cask whisky - heading up the roles of Operations

Director for Europe at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and Group Commercial & Operations Director at

The Artisanal Spirits Company, before accepting the role of General Manager at The Single Cask.


His focus will be on developing the global strategy for The Single Cask, leading the commercial management

and financial planning of the company while growing the team with new and exciting talent. With his love of

the hospitality industry, The Single Cask Family can expect to see some exceptional events and exciting

experiences over the coming months.

Helen Stewart brings with her a proven understanding of the whisky industry and a career that lead to Head

of Brand Marketing & Membership at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, directing global campaigns with an

unconventional and fun approach to great success. Her main focus will be developing the global brand

strategy, making a big noise through creative campaigns and spreading the good word of The Single Cask to

whisky lovers across the globe.

The Single Cask recently announced they are recruiting for their first-ever specialist panel of ‘Taste Masters’

to help in the nosing, tasting, bottling and creation of their luxury single cask whiskies. Receiving an

overwhelmingly positive response, the lucky candidates are now down to the final stages of the interview


Jan Damen, General Manager at The Single Cask, said: “Feeling the contagious passion and enthusiasm the

small team here at The Single Cask have and, of course sampling some of their incredible whiskies, I knew

instantly that I wanted to be involved in taking the company to the next level. It was an easy decision to take

up the role of General Manager at The Single Cask. We only bottle whiskies with the clear mission of exciting

and entertaining our whisky drinking family, and to me that is what whisky is all about.

“The response to our Taste Masters job application has demonstrated the impressive interest people already

have for The Single Cask - we’re really thrilled to announce more and more news as the team grows and tell

our story to the world. Bringing Helen on board was a no-brainer; working together for so many years, she

has an amazing ability to share her own enjoyment of whisky with others, always exploring new and unique

ways to bring drinkers together. Her knowledge and experience of the whisky world and sharp creative

thinking when it comes to brand and campaign strategy made for another easy decision.

Adding her thoughts, Helen Stewart, Brand Marketing Manager at The Single Cask, said: “Drinking single

cask whisky is an incredible experience, one that deserves to be shared and appreciated in imaginative ways.

What I love about The Single Cask is the belief that the search for the ultimate dram never ends. There is no

finish line. It’s such an exciting vision and drive.

“Being able to use my own whisky experience to connect, create conversations and leave lasting memories is

an unbelievable opportunity and it’s a great time to be part of this dedicated team. Whisky should be fun.

This is very much The Single Cask brand mantra, and whisky lovers should expect good times ahead.

Working together again with Jan, this has never been more true.”

The Single Cask pride themselves on bottling only the most outstanding, characterful and distinctive casks;

whiskies that start conversations through their irresistible attraction. Their Family Series offers whisky

lovers the unique opportunity to select their own exclusive single cask for bottling, working with them to

develop bespoke artwork for the label: https://www.thesinglecask.co.u...

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