When your people need support for muscles, bones and joints

20th June 2018

A modern lifestyle can often lead to long hours spent sitting. So it's no surprise that problems with muscles, joints and bones are among the most common reasons for needing time off work *. Regardless of the cause, if someone in your workplace suffers a musculoskeletal condition and has to take time off work, you’ll be a person down. And in a small business, that can have a real knock on effect, because every employee really counts.

Musculoskeletal problems have a habit of getting worse if they’re not treated. But many problems can be managed effectively by making small changes to maintain a healthy work environment. Here are a few things you can do to support your people:

  1. Encourage your employees to take short and regular breaks away from their desks to help prevent stresses building up in their muscles and spine.
  2. Encourage your people to seek support and/or treatment as soon as they become aware of a problem. Unlike coughs and colds, gradual aches and pains can be harder to notice but early treatment can show positive results.
  3. Support them in avoiding certain manual tasks until the pain gets better. Allowing some time to heal can benefit your workforce in the long run.
  4. You could also consider supporting your people with business healthcare cover, to get them back to health and work quickly.
  5. And by trying to follow these tips yourself you can support your team by leading the way.

Supporting your employees through early recovery may mean less pain, discomfort and stress for your people. And in turn, fewer absences from your workplace.

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*Office for National Statistics (2017). Total of 137 million working days lost to sickness and injury in 2016.

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