29th May 2024

World-renowned sandwich specialist King of Feasts is celebrated International Burger Day on Tuesday 28th May by joining forces with The Single Cask to hand out 50 free burgers with whisky-infused sauce at The Polwarth Tavern.

Scottish Whisky bottler The Single Cask announced a special partnership with Edinburgh’s famed sandwich icon King of Feasts; to celebrate International Burger Day on Tuesday 28th May, The Polwarth Tavern gifted 50 free burgers with whisky-infused sauce to the first customers who walked through the pub’s doors and asked for a ‘The Single Cask Saucy Sensation’ - with the offer lasting all week.

Fife-based The Single Cask have been working with local supplier The Whisky Sauce Co to create a range of delicious single cask whisky sauces. The bottles will debut to lucky whisky lovers at Islay whisky festival in the last week of May, on offer at The Single Cask events throughout the year and available to buy online from The Single Cask.

Among the single cask sauces* are a hot sauce infused with a playful Speyside whisky from the Linkwood Distillery, a spicy tomato chutney created using a 34-year-old single cask grain whisky from the North British Distillery and a BBQ, using The Single Cask’s official Friends of the Feis bottling, a rare Rhinns cask from Bruichladdich Distillery.

The Polwarth Tavern and their King of Feasts sandwich partnership have previously been named as one of the best sandwich makers in the world in a list compiled by the Financial Times. Founded in Fife, The Whisky Sauce Co specialises in creating the best whisky sauces in the country - creating a single cask range for the first-time.

The Single Cask recently took on the challenge of demystifying whisky flavour as they relaunched their brand. By using five mood categories, whisky fans can quickly navigate to whichever whiskies they are in the mood for.

Helen Stewart, Brand Marketing Manager at The Single Cask, said: “Flavour and character are very important to us at The Single Cask. We believe this collaboration showcases both of these things extremely well. We are always searching for the ultimate single cask experience and we really believe this can be found in so many different and innovative ways.

“We recently announced a brand new approach to flavour profiling where each whisky we bottle is allocated to one of five moods. Partnerships like this really show the variety of possibilities when exploring, tasting and enjoying the ultimate single cask experience.”

Adding his thoughts on the partnership, Rob Casson aka King of Feasts, said: “We always want to explore new ways to enhance flavour and experiences. The Single Cask whisky is outstanding. Their approach to flavour lends itself deliciously to our range of mouthwatering burgers at The Polwarth Tavern. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate International Burger Day!”

The Single Cask pride themselves on bottling only the most outstanding, characterful, and distinctive single casks of whisky. The company values the distinct personality and cherishes the individuality of every single cask - celebrating whiskies that start conversations through their irresistible attraction: https://www.thesinglecask.co.uk/

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