Who is the most passionate supporter and champion of young people you know?

12th October 2022

Do you know someone who you admire for the tireless work they do to make the lives of young people in Fife better?

Someone who gives freely of their time to give young people help when they need it most.

Someone who is changing young lives for the better.

If you know someone like this in your company or in the sports club that your children attend, or anywhere else in Fife, and you think they are worthy of an award to recognise their endeavours, please, tell us because we do too!

Maybe it is not a person but an organisation that you think is the ultimate champion of young people in Fife? We want to hear about them too.

Nominate them for a Fife Chamber Rising Stars Champion Award and the person or organisation you put forward might just end up on the stage at the Fairmont Hotel on 18th November receiving a trophy to thank them for being so special.

Read about Rising Stars and nominate a Rising Stars Champion here.

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