Wild Planet Explorers offers businesses the opportunity to support environmental education in Fife schools

13th September 2021

Wild Planet Explorers is looking for local businesses to sponsor their local school or nursery to receive Wild Planet Explorer's Orsom the Octopus and the 3P Pledge Champion Award for younger school pupils, or the Marine Litter Presentation and the 3P Pledge Champion Award for older pupils. Sessions can be delivered live online, outside (for younger pupils) and inside.

This is a fantastic opportunity to deliver your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability for your company. Wild Planet Explorers will work in partnership with you regarding press and social media coverage.

These awards and sessions are great fun. It offers school pupils a chance to meet other professionals as well as find out more about conservation issues and what they can do to help the environment. There is also the opportunity to learn more about careers in conservation.

Email Jo at [email protected] to find out more about getting involved.

Wild Planet Explorers was founded 5 years ago in Fife by biologist and conservationist Joanna McFarlane with the aim of inspiring future biologists and conservationists. Joanna has been working in this field for over 25 years in research, on nature reserves and conservation projects, in community engagement and with schools and nurseries.

Through Wild Planet Explorers Joanna has engaged with thousands of children across Scotland with her sessions, presentations and awards, sharing amazing facts about animals and how children and families can help them locally, nationally and globally.

Sessions for 3-8 years use interactive props, imaginative play and music to share facts while 9-18yrs receive an engaging presentation about the global threats to wildlife and how they can help.

Sessions are delivered in nurseries, schools, scout and guide groups, events, festivals, after school clubs, online, outside or inside. Wild Planet Explorers delivers the conservation messages of other conservation groups, charities and individuals for free so more people are aware of them and their work.

Wild Planet Explorers Orsom the Octopus and 3P Pledge Champion Award, which tackles the issue of sewage related litter, has been very successful in engaging children in only flushing the 3P's, supporting Scottish Water in preventing the wrong items being flushed down the toilet. These cause blockages and flooding into rivers and the sea. The award also makes the link from village and city to sea and the general message of never dropping litter and promoting a sustainable way of life.

Wild Planet Explorers has been a Finalist in Nature of Scotland Awards 2018 and 2019 and is currently a Finalist in the Nature of Scotland 2021 Awards for the Youth and Education Award. Wild Planet Explorers was also a Finalist in the Fife Business Awards in 2019’s Community Initiative Award for the 3P Pledge Champion Award.

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