Work to begin on new student designed Kirkcaldy bistro

30th August 2021

Work will begin at the end of this month on a new bistro at Fife College’s Kirkcaldy campus that has been designed by students.

With the old bistro needing a refresh, lecturers in the Built Environment department at the College turned to learners to develop a fresh, modern look for the space.

Three students on the HND 3D Design course, Nina Weryk, Ryan Awdry and Thomas Nelson, then worked collaboratively to come up with what was chosen as the final design.

The process started with all three of them sitting down with members of the senior management team and staff from the hospitality department at the College, to discuss the needs and requirements from the new build.

They then worked with contractors and the College's estates team to bring their ideas to life to make sure the bistro was an area that staff, students and outside visitors would come and spend time in.

The works are due to take six weeks to complete which should mean the new bistro will be ready to open in late October.

Karen Colville, a lecturer in built environment and design at Fife College said:

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the students develop through this and own the project.

“They are all extremely talented which is why they were chosen to take this on, and it’s clear to see how much they’ve benefited from having this first-hand experience in taking on a brief.

“Throughout they have shown great skills in communication and design and now they will have a lasting legacy from their time at the College.

“I couldn’t be prouder of their design and progress with this project - it was driven and developed through their sheer hard work and the College have fully embraced them being involved in not only the design but the delivery of the final space also.

“It’s such a great opportunity for them to add to their portfolios, which will only lead to great things.”

Nina Weryk, one of the three students who designed the new bistro said:

“I'm extremely grateful to Karen for putting me forward for this and to the college for giving me this opportunity.

“I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Fife College, and to be able to complete my studies with some hands on experience has really helped with my development and will be a great asset to add to my portfolio.

“To be able to take part in a real project and to gain the valuable experience of what it would be like working with clients and contractors to make sure it was deliverable has been a real confidence booster.

“Ryan, Thomas and myself worked really well together, and it was great to be able to collaborate with them and bring together all of our ideas into one cohesive final design.

“As a team we have created an exciting, updated new design for the area which will certainly attract the students, staff and members of the public to come and enjoy it.”

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