27th July 2022

The landscape of the work environment is changing, and businesses are having to become more agile to meet these demands. With new ways of working, like WFH (Work From Home), & flexible working becoming more popular, being able to adapt your business support services is now essential.

“Outsourcing your office cleaning & facilities services means you can operate a leaner business” says Ralph Watson of Fife & West Lothian’s Workplace Cleaning Solutions.

More & more businesses are now looking to outsourcing as a way to operate more flexibly and economically.

One of the major concerns that business owners have when they look at using business support services, like office cleaning, is that big promises are made at the start of the contract but then the service levels wane.

Ralph gives the follow tips on how to reduce the chances of this happening

“When you are looking for a support service for your business, whether that is facilities management or any other type of service, make sure that you have a clear point of contact. Who is the person who will iron out any issues? Are they responsive, professional, dedicated to dealing with potential problems efficiently?”

“Having a strong professional relationship with your service provider is key, it would be short sighted to think that nothing could ever go wrong with your service - what you want though, is the possibility of any issues occurring to be minimised and if anything does go wrong that it is handled promptly and professionally.

Ralph goes on to say “Another way to make sure you get the best from your service provider, is to have very clear service level agreements & scope of work in place. As the business owner, you need to know exactly what is going to be delivered each time and your service provider has clear guidelines on your expectations.

To get more of your questions answered on how to get the best from outsourcing & working with service providers, you can go to Ralph’s Knowledge HUB

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