You don’t have to go to Rio to compete - Your Office Games are coming soon...

19th July 2016

The greatest sporting event of the year is upon us, so why not channel the spirit of this exhilarating competition and host your very own Office Games this Summer?

Every four years the best sporting talent from all over the world is gathered in one place, where they compete to be named the finest in their field.

At Worldwide Cancer Research we also pick the best and brightest. Instead of gold medals, our champions want answers. Answers which can lead to better treatments, better diagnosis and ultimately a better future for someone diagnosed with cancer.

That’s why we fund the best and brightest research ideas into any type of cancer anywhere in the world.

Set a suggested entry amount (e.g. £10 per person) and an overall fundraising target based on the size of your organisation and the number of competitors. You can invite people to sign up as individuals or encourage some friendly rivalry with teams.


Choose your events (we’ve suggested some below), create a schedule and share it with your competitors.

Suit-a-thon Race - runners must compete in the clothes they wear to the office (with the exception of trainers!). The Olympic marathon is 26 miles 385 yards, but yours doesn’t have to be. It could be a race once round the building, or to the office’s favourite pub and back.

Paper Plane Javelin - see which homemade paper plane travels the furthest across the office. Get that measuring tape out!

Stapler Relay - we were always told never to run with office equipment and this game is no exception! Make sure you carry your kit safely, passing it carefully and correctly to the next racer.

Synchronised Spin - see which team can complete the most elegant, synchronised office chair routine set to music, no rehearsal required. Pick some esteemed judges to help select the winners.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Judo - you see quite a few people wearing black belts in the office, but how many of them have been truly earned? Play three rounds of Rock paper scissors to determine the winner.

D’Artchery - no, it’s not a new fancy French game of our own invention. Set up a dart board and play a round of darts. That’s a bit like archery, right?

Techy Tennis - borrow or bring a Wii console and set it up in the office. Feel like Andy Murray as you nail shot after shot with a casual flick of the wrist!

Pen Fencing - fencing. But with pens. En garde!

You can appoint an Office Games President and Office Games Committee to run proceedings, and even hold your very own Office Games opening ceremony. Promote your event using the Office Games logo, graphic, and poster available to download on our website. Spread the word online using #WCROfficeGames.

More fundraising ideas:

GAMES LIVE Rio is four hours behind the UK. Most of the games will be broadcast between 1pm and 3am UK time. Book a meeting room and set up a projector to stream the games so the office can catch their favourite events during lunchtime or office hours.

OFFICE GAMES QUIZ Swap your regular office or pub quiz for our games-themed quiz. You can download the Office Games quiz sheet from our website. Set a suggested entry fee of £5 per team and split the winnings; half to Worldwide Cancer Research and half to the winning team.

OFFICE GAMES LUNCH Choose a traditional food from a country represented at the games and book out the boardroom for an international lunch. See who gets the bragging rights for best dish for the rest of the year and charge a suggested donation for a buffet feast.

OFFICE LUNCHTIME FILM CLUB Gather your team for a lunchtime screening of a sporting classic like Chariots of Fire or Unbroken. Charge a suggested donation for entry and serve up some microwave popcorn.

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