Zero Waste Scotland call on Scottish Manufacturers to Embrace Circular Economy

15th December 2017

Zero Waste Scotland is delighted to announce a Scotland-wide programme of high profile events aimed at manufacturing industry leaders and specialist technical staff at Scottish SMEs.

This series of FREE, CPD-accredited lectures and masterclasses brings leading speakers from the world of manufacturing to create an exciting and inspirational series of events. Speakers include Tapani Jokinen, VP of Design at Circular Devices, creator of the Puzzle Phone, and lead designer on the Nokia 3310.

Scotland is at the cutting edge of developing a more circular economy – designing products and services to keep materials in use for as long as possible – and harnessing the innovation of our manufacturers could realise huge economic and environmental benefits.

The Lectures

Senior decision-makers from Scotland’s manufacturing sectors are invited to attend this series of free evening lectures, followed by drinks reception and networking, to hear how some of the world’s leading companies are reaping the rewards of more circular manufacturing.

The Masterclasses

This series of ten, full day masterclass workshops is aimed at operational professionals from across the Scottish manufacturing sector. Participants will learn from some of the leading practitioners in circular manufacturing – and from international and UK companies that have made the move to innovative circular business models. Each masterclass will provide the opportunity to explore good practice and transformational approaches aimed at delivering real business benefit.


Lectures and full day masterclasses will cover the following key themes:

  • Theme 1 Introduction to Circular Economy: Principles and outline business models – the broad business case. Keynote speaker Mark Dempsey, HP Inc.
  • Theme 2 Circular Economy Business Model 1: How to profit from product service systems – lease and asset management/sharing. Keynote speaker Dr Stafford Lloyd, Riversimple
  • Theme 3 Circular Economy Business Model 2: How to profit from repair, remanufacture and closed-loop recycling. Keynote speaker Dr Conny Bakker, TU Delft
  • Theme 4 Circular Economy Enabling 1: How to manage reverse logistics, material and component re-use – and the role of digital technology. Keynote speaker Irene Casanova, Deutsche Post DHL
  • Theme 5 Circular Economy Enabling 2: How to design and specify for Circular Economy – durability, repair, re-use, remanufacture and recycling, and the role of 3D printing. Keynote speaker Tapani Jokinen, Circular Devices

Timing This series of circular economy manufacturing lectures and masterclasses will run between January 2018 and March 2018, at venues across Scotland. Each masterclass across the five themes will be delivered twice, on two separate dates.

Please note Delegates are invited to register for as many lectures and masterclasses as they wish – it is not mandatory to attend the whole series.

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