Are you ready for ISDN switch off?

17th August 2021

Like many, you will have heard that BT/ Openreach are looking to switch off ISDN, or to you and I, phonelines in the UK. It is not just business phone lines either, it includes home telephone lines. They want this completed by 2025.

Don’t panic, it is not happening overnight, however, it is happening a bit quicker than we though as some exchanges are already being decommissioned in Scotland.

Due to this being a pretty big deal, a lot of telecom suppliers are doing a bit of scaremongering. Advising businesses that if they do not change to a hosted or VoIP solution now, they will be cut off from their customers. Some are even advising that unless they change system and service, they will lose their business phone number!

Some telecom suppliers are advising that you will need to completely change your existing system. This might not actually be true as some systems can be converted to use SIP. So you would not need to fork out on expensive new equipment with a lengthy new lease that will tie you down for years to come.

So let’s keep this brief and factual. Yes, you will, eventually, have to move to VoIP. (basically calls will go over your broadband connection rather than your phone lines.) However, you should also consider what other services your lines currently support. Alarms, door entry systems, EPOS systems, etc.

So, 2025? Why do I need to look at this just now? For the reasons above. There is a lot to consider no matter what size your company is. If you have not already, try and find some time to look into this change and the many options you have as a business.

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