BCC: Focus on places key for long-term success of Industrial Strategy

27th November 2017

Commenting on the Industrial Strategy White Paper, Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:

“Chambers of Commerce have been working actively with government to develop the Industrial Strategy, and we are pleased that the concerns and ideas of business communities across the country have been listened to.

“Businesses will welcome the sense of mission that infuses the Industrial Strategy, as well as its assessment of the challenges and opportunities that the UK faces, particularly as both businesses and government look to forge a new path beyond the European Union.

“We have been clear that harnessing the potential of our cities, towns and counties is crucial to make our country more competitive and prosperous, and so Chamber business communities will cheer the focus on places to boost productivity in local economies.

“Over the coming months, it is crucial that the government listens to the full range of business voices when developing local and sector-based deals, so that firms of all sizes and sectors can buy into the Strategy for years to come.

“Businesses will now want to see clear evidence that this Industrial Strategy can be implemented over the long term - and will be dismayed if it falls victim to short-term Westminster politicking. Only a consistent and coherent approach over time will help set the foundations for business communities across the UK to grow and thrive.”

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