Be Part of Fife Learn

19th February 2018

Fife Learn is our project to bring members together to share their knowledge and expertise with each other and the next programme is “The Customer Journey”.

We are pleased to invite members to come forward to work with us to design and deliver our next series of interactive workshops.

You can share and showcase your ‘customer’ skills and expertise through Practitioner Panels, 1-1s, Presentations and Case Studies.

If you are a Chamber member, if you have knowledge to pass on and if you can work collaboratively with other members, you can be part of Fife Learn and make a positive impact on Fife’s future success:

  • everything you know about delivering outstanding customer service is potentially useful to another company: if you share it with them
  • with the new GDPR regulations due soon, others can learn from your relationship management and customer data processing systems: if you let them
  • what you do that makes you stand out from your competitors when it comes to finding and retaining customers is priceless information for someone: if you pass it on to them
  • your customer successes and failures are an opportunity for someone else to get it right: if you tell them.

Augmentum 360, Upturn Consulting, Kingdom Housing Association, Perth Innovation, Bernhew Consulting and Fife Cultural Trust worked with us on the last Workshop and hopefully their positive experiences will encourage you to participate this time:

“I was delighted to contribute as a Panel member at the event. The discussion and questions were stimulating, and there was lots of knowledge, experience, and information generously shared by everyone. The Chamber team was excellent at involving all of us who helped to deliver the first event in developing the concept of the programme and the format for the first session.”

“Working with Alan and the Fife Chamber team was very easy. All we had to do was put together our presentation and deliver it on the day – everything else was taken care of which meant I had to give up much less of our time.”

“The expertise available there was staggering, and it was all for free that day. I certainly tapped into it and made some very worthwhile contacts.”

Get in touch with Alan or Kelly if you want to take part.

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