British Chambers of Commerce launches Net Zero Hub to help business transition

13th August 2021

The BCC Net Zero Hub together with O2 provides insights, tools and support to help businesses build a greener future.

Commenting on the Hub, Alan Mitchell, Chief Executive of Fife Chamber of Commerce, said:

“The UK and Scottish Governments have made it clear that there is no ‘if’ about Net Zero, only ‘when’. Transition will pose challenges for every business and very significant ones for some. As the UK’s largest business membership network, the BCC is ideally placed to develop and collate practical and real-time resources to help us on our journey. It will be doing this while using its influence at the highest level of Government to ensure that businesses get help from the State to transition to Net Zero when they need it.

Fife Chamber is very proud to be a member of the BCC and give its members and the businesses in Fife access to these resources. Everyone, irrespective of size or sector, needs a helping hand sometimes and Fife Chamber and the BCC always stand ready to give it.”

Visit the hub here.

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