Clear Your Head Campaign: Phase 3 - Make Time to Clear Your Head

3rd September 2020

On 07 April 2020 the Scottish Government Ministers created the ‘Clear Your Head’ umbrella campaign to support the mental health of people in Scotland during the coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign aims to help people recognise how they may be feeling, provide ideas that can enable them to cope better, and offer further support.

The 3rd phase focuses on reassuring people that it’s safe to go out and encouraging people to keep being active or going outside to help themselves feel better.

National Campaign
The benefits of being active and getting outside has been highlighted as part of a new drive to help people in Scotland look after their mental health.

The Clear Your Head campaign is encouraging people to keep up any active habits they may have started during the pandemic. It also highlights how making time to get active and do one thing, however big or small, can help people feel calmer and boost mood.

As part of the campaign, people across Scotland will be sharing the one thing that has helped clear their heads – to encourage others to get moving and #DoOneThing.

Join in by sharing on social what one thing has worked for you by:

  • Taking a photo of an activity you’ve used to help clear your head #DoOneThing
  • Tagging a friend to do something similar (e.g “I nominate @xxx to do one thing to #ClearYourHead #DoOneThing”)

The campaign will consist of a 30 and two 15 second TV ad, a radio ad and a series of press and digital ads. For more information on the content of the adverts, downloadable posters and social media posts visit

Local Support

The landscape is confusing and we recognise that for some anxiety, heightened emotions are at the forefront of their mind while others may be relaxed and enjoying freedom from their homes.

The messages promoted by the campaign are aimed at the whole population. For phase three we have maintained the messages and resources from across phase 1 and 2 of the ‘Clear your Head’ campaign in hope that it will assist you, your staff and volunteers to support those who are looking for support to boost their mental wellbeing, showing signs of distress or are in crisis.

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