Dash-cam platform Jolt My Car chooses Paywizard for greater control over its subscriber base

30th March 2017

Paywizard, the subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist, today announced that Jolt My Car, creators of the platform that turns a smartphone into a high-functioning dashboard camera, has chosen to use the Paywizard Agile platform to ensure it has firm control over subscriber relationships going forward.

Jolt My Car harnesses the power of a driver’s smartphone to log driving data such as time, speed, and details of other vehicles – along with video – in the event of a traffic incident and can be used to support insurance claims and legal actions. The global dash-cam market is projected to be worth more than $1.8 billion within the next five years by US consultancy Grand View Research, as these apps emerge as a key tool in efforts by the insurance industry to curb fraud and allow consumers to protect themselves.

Steve Burns, Technical Director at Jolt My Car, comments: “Paywizard is the ideal fit for Jolt My Car, as it meets our growing customer management needs. We were impressed by its extensive experience in managing subscriber bases and its seamless approach to billing and CRM. We wanted control over our customer data, and this will allow us to properly utilize our subscriber relationships for future marketing and customer management initiatives.”

In choosing Paywizard Agile to manage its customer engagement, Jolt My Car – which offers customers both a free pilot version of the front-end app and a paid-for monthly subscription option – is able to develop a single customer view, pooling all its data. Using Paywizard Agile will enable Jolt My Car to monitor the acquisition and retention of both sets of customers, and the rate at which new subscribers migrate from trial to full subscription packages.

Bhavesh Vaghela, Chief Marketing Officer at Paywizard, says: “Knowing your customers and having the ability to control the data necessary to effectively guide all interactions with them is critical to managing subscribers successfully throughout their lifecycle. As Jolt My Car grows, Paywizard will aid in proactively approaching new customers in a targeted way, ensuring best practice customer retention and facilitating all other stages in the customer relationship.”

Vaghela notes: “We will help Jolt My Car use resources more efficiently and generate reports that pinpoint ways to more effectively manage subscribers and build stronger customer relationships, including the use of data to understand how specific subscription offers perform.”

For Paywizard, the Jolt My Car deal represents a significant step in its strategy to extend its reach beyond its traditional core of TV, video-on-demand and online entertainment operators. With 18 years’ experience managing subscriptions in the broadcast and web video sector, the company is well positioned to take advantage of the trend toward other sectors moving to a subscription model. Recent research commissioned by Paywizard shows a substantial proportion of consumers – more than half in many cases – say they are likely to favour a subscription arrangement in areas such as home and auto insurance, car usage, software and apps, video games, media consumption, grocery delivery, and health and beauty.

Vaghela observes: “TV and entertainment providers have spent years honing their subscription models – and we’ve been right there working with them for close to two decades. Now we are seeing businesses in other sectors moving to subscriber-based offerings, as digital tools and cloud computing have opened the way for new payment and customer management methods. There’s a lot we can do to help these businesses and companies such as Jolt My Car understand that.”

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