Dunfermline business on track to cut transport emissions by 70 percent, urges others to Pledge

26th February 2016

A Dunfermline business is once again leading the way in energy efficiency after becoming one of the first to gain its Resource Efficient Scotland Silver Pledge certificate.

Managed IT Experts, an IT solutions consultancy, was the first business in Scotland to achieve a Bronze Resource Efficiency Pledge when the programme was launched in 2014.

To get Bronze, the IT firm committed to developing an environmental policy, implementing measures to reduce energy consumption by five percent and reducing their business travel.

Building on these measures to gain Silver recognition, the business has further improved its overall energy efficiency, leased electric vehicles and made electric vehicle charging points available to staff.

The Resource Efficiency Pledge is run by Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland, to help businesses reduce their environmental impact and save money by minimising their use of energy, water and raw materials.

Those making the Pledge must commit to taking a number of actions to become more resource efficient, progressing as these targets are met to achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum standards.

Managed IT Experts Managing Director David Shuster spoke about the particular areas the company focussed on improving to gain the Silver Pledge certificate.

“Our selected Pledge actions centred on reducing energy use in the office and cutting down on fuel and CO2 emissions for business travelling,” Shuster said.

“As a result we’ve reduced our transport emissions by 70 percent by purchasing an electric car for the company and improved energy efficiency by 20 percent by installing LED lighting in the office.

“Given that IT can enable a reduction in the overall carbon footprint of any business, we signed up to the Resource Efficiency Pledge to show our commitment to resource efficiency and are delighted to have achieved a Silver certificate.

“On top of improving the cost-efficiency of our business operations, it is also an excellent marketing tool for us as Green credentials are becoming more and more important in our industry.”

Head of Resource Efficient Scotland, Marissa Lippiatt, said:

“I’m delighted to see that Managed IT Experts have completed their Silver Pledge.

“Our research shows that organisations in Scotland could save as much as £2.9 billion every year by making more efficient use of their resources, and signing up to the Pledge is a great way to ensure they get their share of the savings.

“The progressive nature of the Pledge means that there’s always motivation to take further action and set new goals, and I would urge other Dunfermline businesses to sign up – whether to showcase what they’re already doing, or to take the first steps toward resource efficiency.”

More information on the Resource Efficiency Pledge and the support available from Resource Efficient Scotland can be found online at www.resourceefficientscotland.com.

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