Dynamic EMS expand its purchasing team to meet increased demand

26th July 2019

The world of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) always fluctuates. Forget about no two days being the same, no two hours are! As a result, leading EMS companies like Dynamic EMS designs its business model to be agile and flexible to support the needs of its customers, the industry, and the supply chain.

But this rock function also requires people, dynamic people who understand how to navigate their way through turbulent times as market forces shift.

With this in mind, Dynamic EMS is delighted to welcome Nicola Laird.

Nicola started in the electronics industry over 20 years ago as an inspector/examiner for the IPC – Association Connecting the Electronics Industry. This enabled Nicola to think strategically and operationally, understanding that an eye for detail was key. Thirteen years ago, she moved into procurement, transferring her skills for risk assessment, management and communications with her.

Nicola enjoys reviewing the supply chain from the top to the bottom, discussing continuous improvement tactics with suppliers to drive operational efficiency through the entire production lifecycle.

The role of a buyer is always go-go from the get-go, with the need for everything to be done yesterday, meaning that Nicola’s role is varied and one she always learns on the job from. The current climate plays into the need for rapid speed, as manufacturing equipment needs to match the pace of innovation. New technologies and engaging with the start-up community means that Nicola’s constant control over the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM), distribution partners, whilst understanding the needs for production assembly and Design for Manufacture (DFM), means that she is leading a dynamic life!

When asked about what Nicola enjoys most about her role within the purchasing department in Dynamic EMS, she quoted; “Dynamic EMS is an end-to-end EMS provider, which means you see the product on its journey from design through to fulfilment, the complete product realisation experience with all partners in the supply chain. The customer themselves, the suppliers, Vertical Integration (VI) partners, back to the customer, or the customer’s customer. Seeing the product come to life and knowing that you played a part in the process is a real buzz!”

Owner and Managing Director of Dynamic EMS, John Dignan, would like to take this opportunity to welcome Nicola to the company and is looking forward to working together to enable many more electronic innovations into the market through speed, scale, and scope.

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