Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee - Business Support Survey

25th June 2018

The Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee is doing an inquiry on business support and would like to hear your views. The remit of the inquiry is:

“To understand the range of support services available to new and existing small and medium sized businesses at a local level across Scotland, with a particular focus on Business Gateway. The Committee will evaluate current provision and explore ways of ensuring businesses receive the support they need to grow and succeed.”

It is ten years since the Scottish Government decided to give local authorities responsibility for running local Business Gateway services. During that period tens of thousands of people have started businesses, often with the help and support of local and national Business Gateway services such as workshops, one-to-one business advice and online market information.

Business Gateway is also here to help existing businesses. So the Committee is keen to understand how well Business Gateway delivers services for businesses hoping to grow, employ more staff or expand into new markets.

The Committee is also hoping to understand why many new and existing businesses do not use Business Gateway; for example, what alternative sources of advice and information are available.

We would also like to hear from business organisations, both at a local and national level, and also from people who work in the area of business support and economic development.

As such, the Committee wants to hear the views and experiences of as many people, businesses and organisations as possible.

The Committee has issued a call for written views. The closing date for submissions is Friday 10 August 2018.

Read the call for views.

The Committee has launched a survey asking about business support. The survey will close on Friday 10 August 2018.

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