Exercise Executive Stretch 2016

16th June 2016

Give your junior and middle managers an experience money can’t buy; a unique opportunity to grow and develop using the skills of the Reserve Forces in Scotland.

Working alongside Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force Reserve Units your team will be challenged to step outside their comfort zone and gain valuable insights into the Armed Forces’ approach to leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem solving.

No previous military experience is necessary for participants, nor do they need to be more than averagely fit; all equipment and accommodation (including a night ‘in the field’) will be provided and, apart from transport to and from the event, participation will be at no cost to the individual or their employer. Above all, the experience is designed to be challenging, rewarding and fun.

This year, Exercise Executive Stretch will take place over the weekend of 22-24 July 2016, based in and around the historic Redford Cavalry Barracks in Edinburgh. As well as providing, for those participating as syndicate members, an experience that money simply can’t buy, this event offers an opportunity for senior managers to visit the exercise and meet those taking part, their military mentors drawn from both the regular and reserve forces and from all three services. Further details, together with the registration process, can be found on our dedicated website accessible at the web address below.


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