Fantastic Support for Fife Social

3rd November 2016

Fife Social, the new informal networking event series organised by the Fife Chamber of Commerce, hit the ground running with fantastic support at its premier event held at Cluny Clays in October.

Guests from local businesses, charities and social enterprises enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere, where networking and relationships could develop without the pressures of traditional networking events, with the unique opportunity to take part in some of the venues great outdoor activities.

The next event is scheduled for Wednesday 16 November at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline, with Fife Cultural Trust kindly provided the venue.

After the Cluny Clays Fife Social, Newgate Technology Commercial Sales Director Lee Slater said: “The Fife Social event was a great chance to network in a relaxed but organised atmosphere with business colleagues both old and new. The attendee numbers were high and the superb organisation from the Fife Chamber team made this event a great success.

“In my opinion, these Fife Social events are an ideal way for both members and non-members to meet and network at no additional costs. Thanks to the Fife Chamber team for a superb event!”

SignPlus Managing Director Gordon Miller added: “The venue and format was just what was needed to kick-start Fife Social. The relaxed atmosphere gave the opportunity for good networking and the opportunity to break away and head to the rifle range was superb!

“SignPlus will certainly be attending future events and we look forward to meeting many like-minded businesses through the Fife Social events.”

Guests are welcome to attend Fife Social events for as little or as much time as they like. They have no rigid format or set agenda and no speakers. Fife Chamber’s friendly staff will be on hand to make introductions and make sure everyone has a great time.

Fife Chamber Event Manager Kelly Lister said: “Cluny Clays was the perfect location to introduce Fife Social, and my thanks go out to everyone who came along to get involved with our new networking vision.

“Fife Social is designed to be open and inclusive, and get people talking without any strings attached. Networking can often be quite formal and daunting, and as the Chamber champions connecting people we felt there was a great opportunity to introduce events more focused on a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, where introductions and relationships can occur and grow naturally.

“I’m looking forward to seeing more new faces, and many familiar ones too, at our next Fife Social at the Carnegie Hall.”

For further information on Fife Social, or to register for the Carnegie Hall event, please visit: Registration is not compulsory and anyone who turns up on the night will receive a very warm welcome.

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