FLEXcon is Proud to Support Our Community

17th April 2020

When several people from local communities approached FLEXcon about making face shields for employees of essential businesses requiring personal protective equipment - they responded. The innovative FLEXcon workforce, eager to provide a solution, was able to utilize material they had in stock. Employees came up with the product design, prototyping, user testing, assembly instructions.

Commenting on FLEXcon Europe based in Glenrothes, Managing Director Stephen Hall went on to say: "We are using our material and we will ship in the region of 22K faceshields to worthy causes. We have already shipped 1,000 to Balhousie Care Homes and we will ship more this Friday. We are now struggling to buy the material to make more, but it’s a great cause so will continue to do our absolute best for the community and frontline carers."

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