Funding for SMEs who can support young people with Career Ready internships

4th August 2021

Funding for Fife businesses who can support young people through the Career Ready programme

Career Ready works with employers so young people in school can get career support, and work experiences and insights to shape their future. Fife has a very successful Career Ready programme, with lots of companies already participating, including many Fife Chamber members. As the new school term approaches, a new cohort of pupils is ready to join the programme and benefit from it, with the assistance of more Fife businesses. You can be one of them.

Alan Mitchell from Fife Chamber said: “There are lots of ways a company can be part of Career Ready, including internships or through providing staff as mentors and masterclass presenters. Internships are normally paid but this year there will be some funded internships to allow more SMEs to take part in the programme. Every internship, work experience, mentor or master class gives a young person a greater opportunity to make the right decision about their future career and a potentially life changing introduction to the world of work. Neither company size nor business sector is a barrier to participating and now there is financial help for SMEs as well. I encourage everyone to at least find out more about what is involved by having an initial, no-obligation talk with the Career Ready co-ordinator in Fife. Her email is below.“

Email Mhairi Prendergast at Career Ready

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