Geba – IdA Project Internships

2nd August 2016

Commencing 12th September 2016

Rural Skills Scotland will be hosting 15 young unemployed German interns from the 6th September until the 4th November. We are currently looking to identify suitable placements in the following areas:-

  • Finance/Investments
  • I.T.
  • Creative Arts
  • Electronics
  • Economics

The participants will undergo English language training for the duration of their time in Fife but all generally have a good standard of English when they arrive.

If you are able to help then please drop us an email at the address shown below.

Programme Structure

The structure of the programme will be that the individuals shall undertake a 4 day intensive English programme (Sept 6th to 9th). They will continue their English work every Monday until they depart on November 4th.

From September 12th they will attend their internship/placement Tuesday – Friday each week until departure on Friday November 4th. The working hours for each will be negotiated between the employer and the participant, however, as the aim of the project is to experience “real” work expect the individuals to work the same times as the other employees within the organization.

Participant role:

Develop/improve work ethic and to participate fully in their internship

Develop conversational and technical English language skills and improve their interpersonal communication in English.

*All participants will arrive in Scotland with a good level of English, both in terms of writing and speaking.

Employer role:

Provide the opportunity for the individual to experience what it is like to work in a foreign country and to have the chance to develop some relative technical skills. On completion of the internship we would hope that all participating employers would be willing to provide some feedback to their respective individuals (written so that it can be included in their report once they return home).

The individuals will be made aware of the expectations of the internship via both Rural Skills Scotland and the employers themselves.

Rural Skills Scotland role:

We will be the point of contact for all employers and any issues arising should be communicated to us. We also intend to introduce the individuals to their internship prior to commencing, and also to make 2 review/progress visits to each internship.

For more details:

Ore Valley Business Centre
93 Main Street
Fife KY5 9AF
Tel: (01592) 786709
Registered in Scotland: SC501214

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